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Comprehensive conduit harnessing systems of incredible versatility and durability.

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Sunflex builds the toughest conduits under the sun. Conduits so rugged they offer unsurpassed physical protection and electromagnetic shielding against the worst hazards that plague military and commercial wiring. Our vast range of light to heavy-weight conduits meets even the most exacting wire protection needs.

Unlike other conduit manufacturers, Sunflex incorporates the newest of the potent new technologies and materials. Our state-of-the-art capabilities provide an extensive selection of the most effective braids, armoring, sheathing and convoluted fluorocarbon tubing.

Our highly-survivable conduit systems offer the most effective harnessing features:
  • RE-ENTERABILITY AND REPAIRABILITY: Wiring is accessible quickly and easily, under both field and non-field conditions. Harness need not be removed from an installed location.
  • LONG FLEXURE LIFE: Flexing tests under ambient, high and low temperatures have proven our convoluted plastic conduit design vastly superior to many other systems, by a factor of up to a 1000 times.
  • TEMPERATURE SURVIVABILITY: Sunflex conduits possess the proven capacity to withstand heat to +500°F or cold to -95°F.
  • FLUID RESISTANT: Manufactured from fluorocarbon polymers, our conduits resist absorption of all known solvents.
  • FLAME RESISTANT: Tests have shown Polytetrafluorethylene conduits to exhibit no afterburn following immersion in fuels, including diesel fuel. Fluorocarbon materials used in Sunflex conduits are self-extinguishing and do not support combustion.
  • LONG SHELF LIFE: Our special manufacturing process and use of chemically inert materials insure a virtually unlimited shelf life.
  • SUPERIOR SHIELDING: First-quality materials and our special metal braiding design provide maximum shielding against EMI/RFI and EMP.
Conduits may be terminated with an extensive range of Sunbank backshells and transitions for an evironmentally sealed system that is re-enterable and repairable. These comprehensive systems feature an extremely low life-cycle cost and have been evaluated by military authorities as "most likely to achieve the service goal of 20 years."

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