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Conduit Adaptors and Transitions
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Sunflex conduit fittings form an integral part of the total system. A quarter century of engineering leadership in the connector accessory industry is reflected in their design and production. Sunflex fittings are supperior quality fittings which feature the following characteristics:

  1. All fittings are sealed to the connectors, or to the ancillary conduit fittings, to insure that the entire completed harness is fully sealed.

  2. The end terminations meet, and in many cases exceed, the military specifications to which they are designed.

  3. Coupling nuts are attached to the respective fittings with a completely fail-safe retention system. This overcomes problems experienced by many users with current retention methods

  4. Coupling nut configurators (hexagon) have been incorporated to answer miliatary and commercial requirements for "a configuration which will allow retaining nuts to be torqued and/or tightened, to specific values by the use of conventional tools." Knurled coupling nuts are Sunbank standard.

  5. The attachment of the fittings to the conduit is achieved in a way that insures maximum tensile strength of the connection, and maximum electrical integrity between shields and connector interface.

  6. Fittings are available in a wide range of materials and finishes to suit virtually all customer requirements.

  7. All fittings are designed to offer maximum repair and re-enterability capabilities.

A QQP416, Type II,
Class 3
Cadmium plate with olive drab conversion
B MIL-C-26074 Electroless Nickel
C QQP416, Type II,
Class 3
Cadmium plate with clear chromate conversion
D MIL-A-8625 Sulphuric anodize black
E QQP416, Type II,
Class 3
Cadmium plate with olive drab conversion over Electroless Nickel

Conduit-to-fitting relationship
When selecting conduits and fittings for "in-house" assembly, it is essential that the conduits and fittings are interrelated. Differences in the wall thickness of the conduits, caused by different combinations of braids and sheaths, requires minor variations in the fitting design.

To insure proper relationship, the seventh letter in each part number must be the same for both conduit and fitting. For example:
Conduit Part Number Fitting Part Number
F21600B-0D0000 3AC100BA1616AA
Same Identifier

This applies only to fittings that attach directly to the conduit. It does not apply to ancillary adaptors, transitions, elbows, blukhead adaptors, etc., to which any size conduit may be attached by selection of the appropriate female adaptor assembly.

For simplicity, all the fittings on the web pages are identified with 'A' type conduits. When ordering, be sure to correct conduit identifier is shown.

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